Practical solutions to your probate and other legal problems.

Our Value

At Robert W. Hughes & Associates, P.C., practicality forms the foundation for everything we do — from probate law to civil litigation. You don’t want to become a legal expert and you don’t need to pay for us to have marble floors and fancy Midtown offices. What you want is a practical, simple, affordable way to deal with the legal issues you face. Our experienced lawyers provide just that.

Our Approach

We know the intricacies and complexities of the law—so you don’t have to. We keep it simple, carefully weighing all the legal factors, then giving you sensible advice you can comprehend and use. And we work in a relaxed, suburban office where you will feel comfortable discussing your legal concerns, even in your blue jeans.

Our Focus

Hughes & Associates is a full-service law firm specializing primarily in helping clients resolve issues within the probate court system and in providing counsel for small business owners. In every case, our approach emphasizes preventive law — aiming to identify and fix legal problems early, before they result in expensive lawsuits. Our broad range of services includes not only probate but also:

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